Stephen Spender Prize 2024

Entry deadline: 31 July 2024

Stephen Spender Prize 2024 | Open for entries from 1 May to 31 July!

Translate ANY poem from ANY language into English, and win publication and cash prizes!

Budding poets of all ages are warmly invited to take part in the 2024 Stephen Spender Prize for poetry in translation, open to adults aged 19+ from all over the world, as well as schools, teachers and individual young people across the UK and Ireland.

In 2024, a special light is shining on Lusophone poetry with the Portuguese Spotlight, open to all young people in the UK and Ireland aged 18 and under.

Entry guidelines:

Submit an English translation of a published poem from any language, ancient or modern, together with a commentary of up to 300 words. The translation should be max. 60 lines (extracts are accepted). All forms and genres are welcome, including texts from rap, spoken word and slam poetry. Translations from sign language are welcome.

Full information on how to enter can be found on the Stephen Spender Prize homepage.