What Little Hans Knew: Opera’s Invisible Man

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What Little Hans Knew: Opera’s Invisible Man

  • Tue 16 Feb 2010
  • 7:00PM

Written and presented by Gerald Davidson

When the young, beautiful and gifted violinist Olga Honig stepped out with the eminent young musicologist Max Graf she entertained him with stories of sessions with her doctor, one Sigmund Freud. Intrigued, Max arranged for Olga to introduce him to Freud. The Grafs became among Freud’s earliest adherents and agreed to meticulously record their observations of their first-born for the professor’s studies of infant sexuality. This evening will celebrate the centenary of the first publication of Analysis of a phobia in a five year old boy, and the subsequent fates of the protagonists, especially ‘Little Hans’ himself, who grew up to be Herbert Graf, director of the Metropolitan Opera, New York.

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