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  • 20 Jul 2023 — 12 Aug 2023

This summer, CPA Gallery presents Cambridge-based, Austrian potter Katharina Klug’s solo exhibition featuring new works inspired by her research trip to Japan last year.

Klug’s journey to Japan was aimed at finding a new wax and color red stains to decorate the surfaces of her porcelain vessels. Her search took her to many places in Japan, where she was able to explore and discover new techniques that she has incorporated into her works.

The exhibition will showcase all of Klug’s new works that have been created with the influence of her trip to Japan. Her pieces are unique, with each item bearing its own distinct personality and character. Her works stand out for their intricacy and attention to detail, which reflects the passion and commitment that Klug has for her craft.

For more information about Katharina Klug and the exhibition, please visit www.cpagallery.co.uk

Katharina Klug