Waiting for the Racer to Pass by

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Waiting for the Racer to Pass by

  • Tue 25 Jun 2019
  • 6:00PM

The exhibition brings together six artists from varied backgrounds, a mixture of nationalities, all currently based in London. It contextualises work from artists in different positions, whilst continuing the idea of an exchange.

The main theme of the exhibition is that of temporality, stemming from the climactic nature of the show. Preparation begins months in advance of the event and everyone works frantically towards the culmination: the one-off, once-in-a-lifetime private view.

The title of the exhibition is an ode to this moment, wherein bystanders wait at the side of a racing track for the racer to pass by in a flash. It hints at the ritualistic gathering in a specific place to witness an event that only lasts moments, disproportionate to all of the preparation, anticipation and suspense. A setup which is almost absurd in its catharsis; weeks of preparation leading up to a single evening of showing. The exhibition mirrors this sentiment in both its format and in its works' attempt to address various forms of temporality.

Featured artists: Tania Blanco, Daniel Hölzl, Amanda Kyritsopoulou, Edgar Lessig, Aljoscha Tschaidse and Meryl Yana.

Organised by Edgar Lessig

Assembly Point
49 Staffordshire Street
London SE15 5TJ

Waiting for the Racer to Pass by