Virtual Live Theatre: MILES APART TOGETHER

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Virtual Live Theatre: MILES APART TOGETHER

  • Thu 16 Jul 2020
  • 7:00PM

They said she couldn’t do it, but she did.

Join us for this virtual live theatre performance Miles Apart Together, where three of history’s most groundbreaking female pioneers come together to reflect on how much – or how little - has changed for women in society, family and work within the last century.

Miles Apart Together explores the feats of Bessie Coleman (the first woman of African American descent to hold a pilot license), Junko Tabei (the first woman to reach the peak of Mt. Everest) and Annie ‘Londonderry’ Kopchovsky (a Latvian immigrant and the first woman to cycle around the world). All three women fought and conquered against the prejudice and scepticism that kept surrounding them.

Their achievements became milestones in the path towards women’s rights and freedom, challenging the assumption that the “fairer sex” lacks the physical and mental stamina for epic feats. Although their adventures were as breathtaking, spellbinding and phenomenal as the achievements of their male counterparts, where are their stories now?

For one night only Annie, Bessie and Junko come together for a live recording of a podcast and share their incredible stories.

This performance will be followed by an interactive part with the audience as well as a Q&A with the directors.

Register for tickets to join! The event will take place on Zoom. We will be sending out a Zoom invitation with further instructions on the day of the event to everyone who has signed up.

Concept: Cecilia Gragnani and Katharina Reinthaller
Written with: Emma Dennis-Edwards
Devised and performed by: Jade-Marie Joseph, Meg Kubota and Erin Hunter
Director: Katharina Reinthaller
Producers: Sarah Arden and Cecilia Gragnani
Composer: Cassie Kinoshi
Script Consultant: Sarah Sigal

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Miles Apart Together (© Paper Smokers)