Virtual Concert - Europe Day 2021: AUREUM Saxophone Quartet

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Virtual Concert - Europe Day 2021: AUREUM Saxophone Quartet

  • Sun 9 May 2021

Celebrating Europe Day 2021, we are delighted to share with you a virtual concert by the up-and-coming Austrian AUREUM Saxophone Quartet.

Tune in and enjoy four innovative young musicians presenting the sound of the saxophone in a unique and versatile way.

The group’s interests oscillate between traditional and progressive ways of musical expression. The range of their repertoire extends from baroque to contemporary music. All four musicians contribute different aspects to their music which result in a mix of classical music, jazz, world music and real Austrian folk music at the highest level.

The four Austrian musicians embody an unbridled passion for music, which is free from any restraints and is conveyed to the audience in the most exciting manner.

The video will be available to watch on our homepage from 9 May onwards.