Tricky Women 2022

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Tricky Women 2022 – On Travelling, Matters of the Heart and Peripheries

  • 20 Jan 2022 — 3 Feb 2022

We open our CineClub this year with a special online programme of animated short films from the Austrian festival Tricky Women for you to explore.

This year’s programme deals with love of life down to fear of life, revisits old myths and describes modern encounters. Not only does it tell stories, but it also demonstrates the diversity of the techniques these women artists apply. Animation is diverse, as are the ideas, concepts and appeals of these women artists. Their technical means for this are just as exciting as the content they have chosen. Thus “On Travelling, Matters of the Heart and Peripheries” also becomes a journey through the diversity of artistic creation, which continues in the audience’s eye.

A selection of films will be available to view via our website from 20 January - 3 February 2022


Linzer Lust | Linz Delight, Maya Yonesho, AT/DE 2019, 3’17
Vermessung der Distanz | Measuring the Distance, Susi Jirkuff, AT 2019, 7‘
The Outlander, Ani Antonova, AT 2018, 5’
Shaul und Iwan | Shaul And Ivan, Rebecca Akoun, AT 2019, 9’50
Contouring, Veronika Schubert, AT 2019, 3’50
Lieb Dich | Love You, Sabine Groschup, AT 2019, 8’
Pangäa, Beate Hecher und Markus Keim, AT 2020, 13‘35
Who’s Afraid Of RGB, Billy Roisz, AT 2019, 8’20
In Her Boots, Kathrin Steinbacher, AT/UK 2019, 6’02
Anna Vasof:
Cardiograph, AT 2018, 1’40
Explosive Speech, AT 2017, 2’00
Shaping Waves, AT 2018, 1’45
Glass Wall, AT 2017, 2’07

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