Traces: Working with Traces, Memory and Archives

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Traces: Working with Traces, Memory and Archives

  • Thu 31 May 2012
  • 7:00PM


This talk accompanies the Traces exhibition on view at the ACF London until Friday 8 June 2012.

Art historian Deborah Schultz (International American University at Richmond) will chair an evening event with Polish curator Dominik Czechowski, painter Ruth Rix, and Julia Winckler (University of Brighton and curator of the Traces exhibition).

The artists will present their respective work within the context of their artistic explorations and practices, which share affinities. Ruth Rix is a Brighton based artist whose Central European family has inspired an artistic search to capture their presence or the traces of their passing. Lost and recovered memories, narratives of emigration, exile and loss, exploration and displacement have been key themes of Julia Winckler’s work to date.

Dominik Czechowski, Curator, will speak about artists and curators who work with archives from a Polish perspective, concentrating on the recent exhibition: The forgetting of proper names, which he curated at Calvert 22, London.

A tour of the Traces exhibition in the gallery and salon of the ACF London will conclude this event.

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