The Austrian Riveter: BIBLIOGRAPHY OF AUSTRIAN LITERATURE IN ENGLISH compiled by Lara Bulloch

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The Austrian Riveter: BIBLIOGRAPHY OF AUSTRIAN LITERATURE IN ENGLISH compiled by Lara Bulloch

  • 20 Apr 2023 — 31 Aug 2023

THE AUSTRIAN RIVETER is the first magazine of contemporary Austrian literature and writing about Austria in English. A unique Austrian-British literary collaboration, brought to you by the European Literature Network and the Austrian Cultural Forum London.

The magazine can be downloaded here after 18 April. You can also get your physical copy at the Austrian Cultural Forum or order it at

Within the magazine, there is also a useful resource:


Austrian fiction, non-fiction and poetry, translated and published in the UK and USA between 2013 and 2023

It covers ten years of publishing and is available for free here and from the websites of the Austrian Cultural Forum and New Books in German. We hope that this special addition to the magazine will serve to encourage even more translation and publishing of Austrian writing into English.


Aichinger, Ilse

  • THE BOUND MAN, AND OTHER STORIES, tr. Eric Mosbacher. Copy Press (Ventnor, Isle of Wight), 91pp, 2015. ISBN-13: 9781909570023 (eleven short stories)

Aichner, Bernhard 

  • WOMAN OF THE DEAD, tr. Anthea Bell. W&N (London), 272pp, 2015. ISBN-13: 9780297608479
    • One of the Financial Times‘s top summer books for 2015
    • One of the Telegraph‘s Best Crime Fiction Books for 2015
    • Winner of The Crime Cologne Award, 2015

Améry, Jean

  • CHARLES BOVARY, COUNTRY DOCTOR: PORTRAIT OF A SIMPLE MAN, tr. Adrian Nathan West. NYRB Classics (New York), 155pp, 2018. ISBN-13: 9781681372501 (psychological fiction)

Archer, Ursula P. 

  • FIVE, tr. Jamie Lee Searle. Vintage Books (London), 436pp, 2014. ISBN-13: 9780099583868 (crime novel)

Bachmann, Ingeborg 

  • THE RADIO FAMILY, tr. Mike Mitchell. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 400pp, 2014. ISBN-13: 9780857421913 (radio play)
  • MALINA, tr. Philip Boehm. Penguin Classics (London), 304pp, 2019. ISBN-13: 9780241366240 (revised paperback edition of Bachmann’s only novel)

Beer, Alex

  • THE SECOND RIDER, tr. Tim Mohr. Europa Editions (London), 320pp, 2018. ISBN-13: 9781609454722

Bernhard, Thomas 

  • PROSE, tr. Martin Chalmers. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 180pp, 2018. ISBN-13: ‎9780857425768 (paperback edition). (collection of seven short stories)
  • THE REST IS SLANDER, tr. Douglas Robertson. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 212pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9781803090672(collection of five short stories)
  • VICTOR HALFWIT: A WINTER’S TALE, tr. Martin Chalmers. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 96pp, 2011. ISBN-13 ‏: 9781906497644 (HARDCOVER); 208pp, 2018. ISBN-13: 9780857425836 (PAPERBACK) (with illustrations by Sunandini Banerjee)
  • GOETHE DIES, tr. James Reidel. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 112pp, 2016. ISBN-13:‎ 9780857423276 (collection of four stories)
  • MINETTI, tr. Tom Cairns and Peter Eyre. Oberon Books (London), 72pp, 2014. ISBN-13: ‎ 9781783191840 (play)
  • THE CHEAP-EATERS, tr. Douglas Robertson. Spurl Editions (Las Vegas), 104pp, 2021. ISBN-13: 9781943679133 

Bernhard, Thomas and Mahler, Nicolas 

  • OLD MASTERS, tr. James Reidel. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 160pp, 2018. ISBN-13: ‏ 9780857424709(novel with illustrations by Nicholas Mahler)

von Doderer, Heimito

  • THE STRUDLHOF STEPS: THE DEPTH OF THE YEARS, tr. Vincent Kling. NYRB Classics (New York), 864pp, 2021. ISBN-13: 9781681375274

Edelbauer, Raphaela 

  • THE LIQUID LAND, tr. Jen Calleja. Scribe UK (London), 336pp, 2021. ISBN-13: 9781913348076 (novel)
    • Shortlisted for 2022 Oxford-Weidenfeld Prize
    • Shortlisted for Austrian and German Book Prizes in Summer 2019
    • Nov 2019, number 3 on the ORF-Bestenliste

Flašar, Milena Michiko 

  • I CALLED HIM NECKTIE, tr. Sheila Dickie. New Vessel Press (New York), 133pp, 2014. ISBN-13: 9781939931146

Freitag, Günther  

  • BRENDEL’S FANTASY, tr. Eugene H. Hayworth. Haus Publishing (London), 173pp, 2012. ISBN-13: 9781907822537 (novel)

Fritz, Marianne

  • THE WEIGHT OF THINGS, tr. Adrian Nathan West. Verso (London), 144pp, 2017. ISBN-13: ‎9781786632968

Geiger, Arno

  • HINTERLAND, tr. Jamie Bulloch. Picador (London), 336pp, 2022. ISBN-13‏: ‎9781529003161

Glattauer, Daniel 

  • FOREVER YOURS, tr. Jamie Bulloch. MacLehose Press (London), 2014. ISBN-13: 9781782067849
  • LOVE VIRTUALLY & EVERY SEVENTH WAVE, tr. Jamie Bulloch and Katharina Bielenberg. MacLehose Press (London), 2018. ISBN-13: 9780857059413

Glavinic, Thomas

  • CAMERA KILLER, tr. John Brownjohn. AmazonCrossing (Seattle), 115pp, 2012. ISBN-13: 9781612183237
  • PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER, tr. John Brownjohn. AmazonCrossing (Seattle), 238pp, 2012. ISBN-13: 9781612184326

Gstrein, Norbert

  • WINTERS IN THE SOUTH, tr. Julian Evans and Anthea Bell. MacLehose Press (London), 288pp, 2013. ISBN-13:‎ 9781849164047
  • A SENSE OF THE BEGINNING, tr. Julian Evans. MacLehose Press (London), 320pp, 2016. ISBN-13: ‎ 9780857053589

Gruber, Sabine

  • ROMAN ELEGY, tr. Peter Lewis. Haus Publishing (London), 342pp, 2013. ISBN-13: 9781908323101 (novel)
    • Longlisted for 2015 IMPAC International Dublin Literary Award

Haas, Wolf

  • THE BONE MAN, tr. Annie Janusch. Melville House (New York), 176pp, 2013. ISBN-13: 9781612191690
  • BRENNER AND GOD, tr. Annie Janusch. Melville House (New York), 224pp, 2012. ISBN-13: 9781612191133
  • COME, SWEET DEATH!, tr. Annie Janusch. Melville House (New York), 224pp, 2014. ISBN-13: 9781612193397
  • RESURRECTION, tr. Annie Janusch. Melville House (New York), 192pp, 2014. ISBN-13: 9781612192703

Haderlap, Maja

  • ANGEL OF OBLIVION, tr. Tess Lewis. Archipelago Books (New York), 289pp, 2016. ISBN-13: 9780914671466

Handke, Peter

  • THE GREAT FALL, tr. Krishna Winston. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 224pp, 2018. ISBN-13: 9780857425348 (novel)
  • STORM STILL, tr. Martin Chalmers. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 124pp, 2018. ISBN-13: 9780857425584 (play)
  • TILL DAY YOU DO PART, tr. Mike Mitchell. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 112pp, 2018. ISBN-13: 9780857425300 (paperback-hardcover published 2010)
  • THE LEFT-HANDED WOMAN, tr, Ralph Manheim. Penguin Classics (London), 80pp, 2020. ISBN-13: 9780241457672
  • REPETITION, tr. Ralph Manheim. Penguin Classics (London), 224pp, 2020. ISBN-13: 9780241457689. 
  • THE GOALKEEPER’S ANXIETY AT THE PENALTY KICK, tr. Michael Roloff. Penguin Classics (London), 96pp, 2020. ISBN-13: 9780241457696
  • A SORROW BEYOND DREAMS, tr. Ralph Manheim. Pushkin Press (London), 80pp, 2019. ISBN-13: 9781782276081
  • THE MORAVIAN NIGHT, tr. Krishna Winston. Farrar, Straus and Giroux (New York), 320pp, 2016. ISBN-13: 9780374212551
  • THE FRUIT THIEF: OR, ONE-WAY JOURNEY INTO THE INTERIOR, tr. Krishna Winston. Farrar, Straus and Giroux (New York), 336pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9780374906504

Haushofer, Marlen

  • THE WALL, tr. Shaun Whiteside. Vintage Classics (London), 256pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9781784878030

Hermann, Wolfgang

  • HERR FAUSTINI TAKES A TRIP, tr. Rachel Hildebrandt. KBR, 164pp, 2015. ISBN-13: 9781944608040
  • PARIS BERLIN NEW YORK: THE COLOR OF THE CITY, tr. Mark Mischovich. KBR, 216pp, 2016. ISBN-13: 9781944608378

Hochgatterer, Paulus

  • THE DAY MY GRANDFATHER WAS A HERO, tr. Jamie Bulloch. MacLehose Press (London), 112pp, 2020. ISBN-13: 9780857059499
    • Longlisted for Austrian Book Prize in 2017

Hoffer, Klaus 

  • AMONG THE BIERESCH, tr. Isabel Fargo Cole. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 288pp, 2016. ISBN-13: 9780857423061 (novel)

von Hofmannsthal, Hugo

  • THE INCORRUPTIBLE SERVANT, tr. Alexander Stillmark. Modern Humanities Research Association (Cambridge), 116pp, 2021. ISBN-13: ‎9781839541209 (drama)
  • AN IMPOSSIBLE MAN, tr. Alexander Stillmark. Modern Humanities Research Association (Cambridge), 140pp, 2016. ISBN-13: ‎ 9781781882740 (drama)

Hotschnig, Alois 

  • LUDWIG’S ROOM, tr. Tess Lewis. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 152pp, 2014. ISBN-13: 9780857422040 (novel) 

Jelinek, Elfriede 

  • THREE PLAYS, tr. Gitta Honegger. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 566pp, 2019. ISBN-13: 9780857427120 (includes Rechnitz, The Merchant’s Contracts and Charges (The Supplicants)) 
  • FURY, tr. Gina Honegger. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 248pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9781803090320 (new play with introduction by Milind Brahme)
  • ON THE ROYAL ROAD: THE BURGHER KING, tr. Gitta Honegger. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 178pp, 2020. ISBN-13: 9780857427786. (play dealing with Jelinek’s response to Trump’s election)
  • SPORTS PLAY, tr. Penny Black. Oberon Books (London), 160pp, 2012. ISBN-13: 9781849434027(with translation assistance and a foreword by Karen Jürs-Munby)
  • THE PIANO TEACHER, tr. Joachim Neugroschel. Serpent’s Tail (London), 280pp, 2016.  ISBN-13: 9781781255681 (New edition with introduction by Razia Iqbal)
  • REIN GOLD, tr. Gitta Honegger. Fitzcarraldo Editions (London) 200pp, 2021. ISBN-13: 9781913097448 (reconstruction of the events of Wagner’s Ring Cycle, originally written as a libretto for the Berlin State Opera)
  • HER NOT ALL HER: ON/WITH ROBERT WALSER, tr. Damion Searls. Sylph Editions (London). 44pp, 2012. ISBN-13: 9780956992048 (with illustrations by Thomas Newbolt)

Jonke, Gert

  • AWAKENING TO THE GREAT SLEEP WAR, tr. Jean M. Snook. Dalkey Archive Press (London), 224pp, 2013B. ISBN-13: 9781564787941
  • BTBA Longlist 2013

Kappacher, Walter

  • PALACE OF FLIES, tr. Georg Bauer. New Vessel Press (New York). 160pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9781954404021

Kehlmann, Daniel   

  • TYLL, tr. Ross Benjamin. Quercus (London), 352pp, 2021. ISBN-13: 9781529403671
    • Shortlisted for the International Booker Prize 2020
  • YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT, tr. Ross Benjamin. Vintage Books (London), 128pp, 2018. ISBN-13: ‎ 9780525432913
    • Now a major film starring Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried
    • F, tr. Carol Brown Janeway. Quercus (London), 272pp, 2014. ISBN-13: 9781848667341
  • CHRISTMAS EVE, tr. Christopher Hampton. Faber and Faber (London), 64pp, 2017. ISBN-13: ‎9780571345250 (play)
  • THE MENTOR, tr. Christopher Hampton. Faber and Faber (London), 64pp, 2017. ISBN-13:‎ 9780571339648 (play)

Kreslehner, Gabi

  • RAIN GIRL, tr. Lee Chadeayne. AmazonCrossing (Seattle), 282pp, 2014. ISBN-13: 9781477823118
  • RAVEN SISTERS, tr. Alison Layland. AmazonCrossing (Seattle), 400pp, 2016. ISBN-13: 9781503934504

Kofler, Werner

  • AT THE WRITING DESK, tr. Lauren K. Wolfe. Dalkey Archive Press (Illinois), 156pp, 2016. ISBN-13: 9781628970043

Kim, Anna

  • THE GREAT HOMECOMING, tr. Jamie Lee Searle. Granta Books (London), 432pp, 2020. ISBN-13: 9781846276552 (novel)
  • ANATOMY OF A NIGHT, tr. Bradley Schmidt. Frisch & Co (London), 134pp, 2012. ISBN-13: 9780989126700 (ebook only)

Köhlmeier, Michael 

  • YIZA, tr. Ruth Martin. Haus Publishing (London), 111pp, 2017. ISBN-13: 9781910376751
  • TWO GENTLEMEN ON THE BEACH, tr. Ruth Martin. Haus Publishing. (London), 238pp, 2016. ISBN-13: 9781910376461 (novel)

Lernet-Holenia, Alexander 

  • I WAS JACK MORTIMER, tr. Ignat Avsey. Pushkin Press (London), 192pp, 2013. ISBN-13: 9781908968159 (thriller)
  • MONA LISA, tr. Ignat Avsey. Pushkin Press (London), 96pp, 2015. ISBN-13 ‏: 9781782271901(with illustrations by Neil Gower)
  • BARON BAGGE, tr. Richard and Clara Winston. Penguin Classics (London), 96pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9780241615614 (featuring an introduction by Patti Smith)

Loos, Adolf

  • ORNAMENT AND CRIME, tr. Shaun Whiteside. Penguin Classics (London), 343pp, 2019. ISBN-13: 9780141392974 (with an epilogue by Joseph Masheck)

Mahler, Nicolas 

  • PARTY FUN WITH KANT, tr. James Reidel. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 192pp, 2019. ISBN-13:‎ 9780857425362 (graphic novel)
  • ALICE IN SUSSEX, tr. Alexander Booth. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 146pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9780857429926 (graphic novel inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll and H. C. Artmann)
  • ULYSSES, tr. Alexander Booth. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 288pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9780857429933 (graphic novel, retelling Joyce’s classic)
  • IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME, tr. Alexander Booth. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 174pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9780857429940 (graphic novel retelling Proust’s famous work)

May, Lana N.

  • WAIT FOR ME IN VIENNA, tr. Terry Laster. AmazonCrossing (Seattle), 384pp, 2015. ISBN-13: 9781503948754

Menasse, Robert

  • THE CAPITAL, tr. Jamie Bulloch. MacLehose Press (London), 432pp, 2020. ISBN-13: ‎ 9780857058645
    • Winner of the German Book Prize
    • More than 500,000 copies sold worldwide

Merkel, Inge

  • OFF THE TRACKS, tr. Dennis McCort. Ariadne Press (Riverside, CA), 255pp, 2016. ISBN-13: 9781572412019

Musil, Robert

  • THOUGHT FLIGHTS, tr. Genese Grill. Contra Mundum Press (New York), 348pp, 2015. ISBN-13: 9781940625102

Nagorski, Andrew

  • SAVING FREUD: A LIFE IN VIENNA AND AN ESCAPE TO FREEDOM IN LONDON, Icon Books (London), 336pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9781785788765 (not a translation, but pieces together the story of Freud’s escape from Vienna)

Perutz, Leo

  • SAINT PETER’S SNOW, tr. Eric Mosbacher. Pushkin Press (London), 192pp, 2016. ISBN-13: 9781782271680 (thriller)
  • MASTER OF THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT, tr. Eric Mosbacher. Pushkin Press (London), 160pp, 2015. ISBN-13: 9781782271529
  • LITTLE APPLE, tr. John Brownjohn. Pushkin Press (London), 224pp, 2016. ISBN-13: 9781782271673

Rabinovici, Doron

  • ELSEWHERE, tr. Tess Lewis. Haus Publishing (London), 239pp, 2014. ISBN-13: 9781908323491

Rabinowich, Julya

  • ME, IN BETWEEN, tr. Claire Storey. Andersen Press (London), 288pp, 2022. ISBN-13: ‎ 9781839131240
  • SPLITHEAD, tr. Tess Lewis. Granta Books (London), 208pp, 2011. ISBN-13: ‎ 9781846272820

Ransmayr, Christoph

  • ATLAS OF AN ANXIOUS MAN, tr. Simon Pare. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 336pp, 2016.  ISBN-13: ‎ 9780857423146 (travel diary)
  • THE FLYING MOUNTAIN, tr. Simon Pare. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 384pp, 2019. ISBN-13: ‎ 9780857427205 (travel story told entirely in blank verse)
    • Longlisted for the Man Booker International Prize 2018
  • COX OR THE COURSE OF TIME, tr. Simon Pare. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York) 224pp, 2020. ISBN-13: ‎ 9780857427366 (fiction)

Roth, Joseph 

  • THE EMPEROR’S TOMB, tr. Michael Hofmann. Granta Books (London), 208pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9781783788507 (novel)
  • THE RADETZKY MARCH, tr. Michael Hofmann. Granta Books (London), 320pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9781783788453 (novel)
  • THE LEGEND OF THE HOLY DRINKER, tr. Michael Hofmann. Granta Books (London), 112pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9781783788460 (novella)
  • THE CORAL MERCHANT, tr. Ruth Martin. Pushkin Press (London), 224pp, 2020. ISBN-13: 9781782275978 (collection of short stories and novellas)
  • PERLEFTER, tr. Richard Panchyk. Peter Owen (London), 200pp, 2013. ISBN-13: 9780720614879 (unfinished work, published after Roth’s death)
  • WEIGHTS AND MEASURES, tr. David Le Vay. Penguin Modern Classics (London), 112pp, 2017. ISBN-13: 9780241307441 (NEW PENGUIN EDITION, ENGLISH COPYRIGHT 1982)

Schrott, Raoul 

  • THE SEX OF THE ANGELS, THE SAINTS IN THEIR HEAVEN: A BREVIARY, tr. Karen Leeder. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 152pp, 2019. ISBN-13: 9780857425553. (with illustrations by Arnold Mario Dall’O)

Seethaler, Robert

  • A WHOLE LIFE, tr. Charlotte Collins, Picador (London), 148pp, 2015. ISBN-13: 9781447281894
  • THE FIELD, tr. Charlotte Collins. Picador (London), 240pp, 2021. ISBN-13: 9781529008050
  • THE TOBACCONIST, tr. Charlotte Collins. Picador (London), 234pp, 2016. ISBN-13: 9781509806584

Setz, Clemens J.

  • INDIGO, tr. Ross Benjamin. Serpent’s Tail (London), 386pp, 2014. ISBN-13: 9781846689536
    • Shortlisted for German Book Prize in 2012

Schnitzler, Arthur

  • DREAM STORY, tr. J.M.Q. Davies. Penguin Classics (London), 160pp, 2023I. ISBN-13: 9780241620229 (novella – adapted by Stanley Kubrick as the film Eyes Wide Shut)
  • LATE FAME, tr. Alexander Starritt. Pushkin Press (London). 154pp, 2015. 

ISBN-13: 9781782271321 (novella)

  • FRÄULEIN ELSE, tr. F.H. Lyon. Pushkin Press (London), 112pp, 2017. ISBN-13: 9781782273714. (most recent edition)

Sichrovsky, Peter

  • VERKLEMPT, tr. John Howard. DoppelHouse Press (Los Angeles), 200pp, 2016. ISBN-13: 9780983254034 (collection of short stories)

Steinkellner, Elisabeth

  • MY NEW GRANNY, tr. Connie Stradling Morby. Skyhorse (New York), 32pp, 2012. ISBN-13: 9781620872239 (children’s book, illustrated by Michael Roher)

Stift, Linda 

  • THE EMPRESS AND THE CAKE, tr. Jamie Bulloch. Peirene Press (London), 172pp, 2017. ISBN-13: 9781908670304 (novella)

Spiegel, Nadja

  • SOMETIMES I LIE AND SOMETIMES I DON’T, tr. Rachel McNicholl. Dalkey Archive Press (Illinois), 128pp, 2015. ISBN-13: 9781628970623

Torberg, Friedrich

  • YOUNG GERBER, tr. Anthea Bell. Pushkin Press (London), 314pp, 2012. ISBN-13: 9781906548896

Wagner, Elisabeth

  • DRAWN TO LIFE, tr. Julia Knobloch. AmazonCrossing (Seattle), 272pp, 2015. ISBN-13: 9781477827574

Weninger, Brigitte

  • DAVY LOVES HIS MOMMY, tr. Andrew Rushton. NorthSouth Books (New York), 32pp, 2014. ISBN-13: 9780735841642 (children’s, with illustrations by Eve Tharlet)
  • 24 STORIES FOR ADVENT, translated by David Henry Wilson. NorthSouth Books (New York), 120pp, 2015. ISBN-13: 9780735842298 (children’s, with illustrations by Eve Tharlet)
  • WILL YOU MIND THE BABY DAVY?, translated by Rosemary Lanning. NorthSouth Books (New York) 32pp, 2015. ISBN-13: 9780735842106 (children’s, with illustrations by Eve Tharlet)

Winkler, Josef

  • GRAVEYARD OF BITTER ORANGES, tr. Adrian Nathan West. Contra Mundum Press (New York), 486pp, 2015. ISBN-13: 9781940625140
  • WHEN THE TIME COMES, tr. Adrian Nathan West. Contra Mundum Press (New York), 228pp, 2013. ISBN-13: 9781940625010

Winkler, Katharina 

  • BLUE JEWELLERY, tr. Laura Wagner. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 152pp, 2019. ISBN-13: 9780857425379 (novel)

Zweig, Stefan 

  • BEWARE OF PITY, tr. Anthea Bell. Pushkin Press (London), 464pp, 2012. ISBN-13: ‎9781906548735 (fiction)
  • LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN AND OTHER STORIES, tr. Anthea Bell. Pushkin Press (London), 200pp, 2013. ISBN-13: 9781906548933 (collection of short stories)
  • A CHESS STORY, tr. Alexander Starrit. Pushkin Press (London), 112pp, 2013. ISBN-13: 9781782270119 (fiction)
  • THE SOCIETY OF THE CROSSED KEYS, tr. Anthea Bell. Pushkin Press (London), 272pp, 2014. ISBN-13: 9781782271079 (a selection of Zweig’s works compiled by filmmaker Wes Anderson)
  • AMOK, tr Anthea Bell. Pushkin Press London), 96pp, 2017. ISBN-13: 9781782274513 (fiction)
  • BURNING SECRET, tr. Anthea Bell. Pushkin Press (London), 128pp, 2017. ISBN-13: 9781782274520 (fiction)
  • TWENTY-FOUR HOURS IN THE LIFE OF A WOMAN, tr. Anthea Bell. Pushkin Press (London). 96pp, 2016. ISBN-13: 9781782272151 (fiction)
  • FANTASTIC NIGHT: TALES OF LONGING AND LIBERATION, tr. Anthea Bell. Pushkin Press (London), 384pp, 2015. ISBN-13: 9781782271482 (collection of short stories)
  • THE INVISIBLE COLLECTION: TALES OF OBSESSION AND DESIRE, tr. Anthea Bell. Pushkin Press (London), 384pp, 2015. ISBN-13: 9781782271499 (collection of short stories)


Aichinger, Ilse

  • IMPROBABLE JOURNEYS, tr. Geoff Wilkes. Königshausen & Neumann (Würzberg). 212pp, 2019.  ISBN-13: 9783826066429 (collection of essays, NOT PUBLISHED IN THE UK)

Bachmann, Ingeborg

  • WAR DIARY, tr. Mike Mitchell. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 108pp, 2018. ISBN-13: 9780857425324. (collection of personal letters depicting the last months of WWII)

Bachmann, Ingeborg and Celan, Paul 

  • CORRESPONDENCE, tr. Wieland Hoban. Seagull Books (Kolkata/London/New York), 446pp, 2010. ISBN-13: 9780857426420 (collection of letters)

Bahr, Hermann

  • ANTISEMITISM, tr. James J. Conway. Rixdorf Editions (Berlin), 243pp, 2019. ISBN-13: 9783947325108 (series of interviews about antisemitism conducted in the 1890s with afterword by translator)

Beck Loos, Claire 

  • THE PRIVATE ADOLF LOOS: PORTRAIT OF AN ECCENTRIC GENIUS, tr. Constance C. Pontasch, Nicholas Saunders. DoppelHouse Press (Los Angeles), 176pp, 2020. ISBN-13: 9780997003482

Bisanz-Prakken, Marian

  • GUSTAV KLIMT: THE MAGIC OF LINE, tr. Steven Lindberg. J. Paul Getty Trust (Los Angeles), 304pp, 2012. ISBN-13: 9781606061114

Canetti, Elias

  • THE VOICES OF MARRAKESH, tr. J.A. Underwood. Penguin Classics (London), 108pp, 2012. ISBN-13: 9780141195629 (travel writing)
  • KAFKA’S OTHER TRIAL: THE LETTERS TO FELICE, tr. Christopher Middleton. Penguin Classics (London), 132pp, 2012. ISBN-13: 9780141195636 (Correspondence)

Chamberlain, Lesley

  • RILKE: THE LAST INWARD MAN, Pushkin Press (London), 320pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9781782277248 (not a translation, but a new release exploring the life of Rilke)

Felder, Franz Michael 

  • A LIFE IN THE MAKING, tr. David Henry Wilson. Pushkin Press (London), 320pp, 2021. ISBN-13: 9781782276852 (memoir)

Geiger, Arno 

  • THE OLD KING IN HIS EXILE, tr. Stefan Tobler, And Other Stories (Sheffield), 192pp, 2017. ISBN-13: 9781908276889 (non-fiction about his father with dementia)
    • Shortlisted for the Helen and Kurt Wolff Prize
    • Shortlisted for Schlegel-Tieck Prize 2018
    • Over 1 million copies sold worldwide

Goldenberg, Anna

  • I BELONG TO VIENNA: A JEWISH FAMILY’S STORY OF EXILE AND RETURN, tr. Alta L. Price. New Vessel Press (New York), 207pp, 2020. ISBN-13: 9781939931849

Görner, Rüdiger

  • KOKOSCHKA: THE UNTIMELY MODERNIST, tr. Debra S. Marmor, Herbert A. Danner. Haus Publishing (London), 352pp, 2020. ISBN-13: 9781912208814

Hackl, Erich

  • THREE TEARLESS HISTORIES, tr. Mike Mitchell. DoppelHouse Press (Los Angeles), 216pp, 2018. ISBN-13: 9780999754443 (three short biographies of little-known Austrians and their lives during WWII)

Handke, Peter 

  • QUIET PLACES: COLLECTED ESSAYS, tr. Krishna Winston, Ralph Manheim. Farrar, Straus and Giroux (New York), 304pp, 2022. ISBN-13: 9780374125592

Husslein-Arco, Agnes and Zaunschirm, Thomas

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    • BTBA Longlist

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