Virtual Theatre: The Tattooed Man Tells All

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Virtual Theatre: The Tattooed Man Tells All

  • 1 Feb 2021 — 3 Feb 2021

We are pleased to present together with Silverthorne Theater the one-man show The Tattooed Man Tells All by the American writer Peter Wortsman.

The gripping solo piece is woven from a series of interviews conducted in Vienna in 1975 with witnesses to and survivors of the Holocaust.
By condensing these accounts into that of one survivor of Auschwitz-Birkenau, who is committed to a no-holds-barred retelling, Peter Wortsman crafts the narrative of the Tattooed Man (played by Keith Langsdale).

The audience becomes the interviewer to whom the Old Man talks, retelling and reliving his time in the camp.
“I could be whatever they wanted…melt in…become part of the landscape…or better yet, turn into thin air so they could look right through me.”

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