Suse Stoisser: NOW YOU SEE IT

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Suse Stoisser: NOW YOU SEE IT – Art Bermondsey Project Space / Olympus

  • 6 Apr 2016 — 30 Apr 2016

The Austrian artist Suse Stoisser, born in Leibnitz in Southern Styria in 1964, shows a high level of creativity in her artistic oeuvre and is focused in recovering inspiration by turning energy and illusion into a feasible utopia. She shows us that it is possible to search for what Rilke called das Schwere, referring to the difficult and the heavy, that what remains and what resists. In her investigations of materials, she switches from incusion to collages of individual elements, the application of suggestive colours to metallic monochromacy, at the same time creating an ethereal character out of polycarbonate substance. Despite the strong physical presence of Stoisser's artwork, we are struck by the elusive character captured in these objects. The figure appears as a reduction of human forms, in the shape of silhouettes, connoting eroticism and the metamorphic potency of nature. In combination with the quintessence of creative vitality Stoisser's London exhibition Now You See It. at Art Bermondsey Project Space provides a survey of the creative evolution of the artist.

In this exhibition, Stoisser has selected a body of work representative of her concepts of signifier and significance. The slate rocks of Pile of letters (2014) as well as those of fun, found (2011) force us to look at reality from another point of view. The delusive effect of small steel plates in form of letters worked into the shale produce favorable spatial plasticity abd the artist exposes the two antipodes between the object trouvé and the signifier. To distinguish between the different pieces, Stoisser chooses Back to Square One (2008) the earliest piece in the exhibition, a textual magma, that similar to Dadá artworks, operates under the chaos of semiotic. "God doesn't play dice", said Einstein, an affirmation that has been refuted in 2015. The question of hazard and if the universe is controlled or ruled by random events is represented in 3 Dice (2010), made out of Corten. It shifts between the idea of predetermination and change, ontology and ethics, between what is and what ought to be.

“Devil’s First Aid” .   “Chocolate Suiss€”     H: ca 80cm.  Korten steel.

Art Bermondsey Project Space

183–185 Bermondsey Street

London, SE1 3UW