The Sir Karl Popper Memorial Lecture

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The Sir Karl Popper Memorial Lecture – by Professor Abdulkarim Soroush

  • Thu 15 Mar 2012
  • 6:00PM

One of the leading philosophers of the 20th century, Sir Karl Popper founded the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method in 1946. Critical rationalism was the cornerstone not only of his political philosophy but also of his views on the nature and practice of the natural and the social sciences. It was through Popper's efforts that falsificationism entered public consciousness as the defining criterion of the nature of science. Both he and his successor, Imre Lakatos, who joined the department in 1960, were instrumental in shaping 20th century philosophy of science. In addition, Popper was one of the foremost defenders of democratic liberalism in political philosophy.

After Popper's death in 1994, the School established the Sir Karl Popper Memorial Fund. The aim of the present Management Committee is to organize a Sir Karl Popper Memorial Lecture every second year, and in the intervening years to award a Sir Karl Popper Prize for distinguished achievement in graduate work in an area of philosophy to which Karl Popper made significant contributions. Details can be found below of previous winners and previous lectures.

The Sir Karl Popper Memorial Lecture 2012 will be given by Professor Abdulkarim Soroush. The lecture will be titled 'Critical Rationalism and Religious and Political Reform in Iran' and will discuss the role of philosophy – and Popper's thought in particular – in Iranian religious and political reform. Abdulkarim Soroush is a leading intellectual in Iran and has held visiting positions at, amongst other institutions, Harvard and Princeton.

The lecture will take place in the Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building.

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