Simon Mayer: Sons of Sissy

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Simon Mayer: Sons of Sissy

  • Fri 5 May 2017
  • 8:00PM

"They pull us intellectually and physically into the world of folk-dance past military marching, religious self-flagellation or male stereotype. Home as search for the self. A striptease of folk dance with mind-broadening side effect, among others lots of liberating laughter."

Enter the universe of the Upper Austrian countryside, where traditions, folk dance and music reign supreme. Simon Mayer’s ingenious and experimental choreography liberates the four performers / musicians on stage from the traditional alpine conventions. Part weird folk-music quartet, part playful ritual dance combo Sons of Sissy defies categorisation and pigeonholing and uses humour to radically disrupt the male role models in old traditions.

In Sons of Sissy the performers use their bodies and instruments to create a dance that you can hear as well as see. It is presented through The Humane Body, a project that investigates ways to create rich dance experiences for sighted, partially sighted and blind audiences. Find out more at The Humane Body. 

Contains nudity

Sons of Sissy, photo by Rania Moslam

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