One Square Mile by Stergin

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One Square Mile by Stergin

  • Fri 16 Jul 2021

A music project promoting empathy in the square mile we live in.

1 Mi2 is the latest project by Austrian musician Stergin and can be explored by clicking here.

Under the motto 'Talk. Listen. Create', the project aims to inspire greater empathy & encourage people to really listen to each other. It seeks to make deeper connections across communities in a time of division.

Conversations with people living within one square mile of the artist in South-London inspired three new songs that are based on their personal stories. The first three songs, along with interviews and portraits, can be explored as an online on

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Stergin is also looking for musicians from all over the world to join the project and follow the same process: Interview someone living in your own square mile and write a new song inspired by the encounter. All the interviews and songs will be shared on this website. The aim is to transfer this virtual project into a physical exhibition once 50 songs have been received.

“I know that many of our societal problems have deep roots and are very complicated. Nevertheless, I want to send out a positive message and encourage people to chat and listen to each other” says Stergin. ”Turning these chats into music is my way of having fun as an artist and also preserving them. I see music, or art in general, as a shared part of our human experience, everyone can and should engage in it. In the media we mainly see ‘exceptional’ people doing ‘exceptional’ things but I like to involve people in the creation process and explore their everyday stories to find the exceptional bits in there.”


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