Olga Neuwirth’s Kloing! at Aldeburgh Festival

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Olga Neuwirth’s Kloing! at Aldeburgh Festival

  • Wed 21 Jun 2017

Neuwirth’s piece is an unhinged tragicomic duel between pianist and an instrument that is computer-controlled – but also ultimatelyout of control. Illuminated by live video, it’s an exhilarating tour-de-force for performers, technology and technicians. It’s a homage to the great virtuosos of the past, but also a wry commentary on technology today. Man versus machine – machine wins?

Contemporary music fans might be interested to know that Muery Saymann publishers have published Olga Neuwirth's new book with accompanying CD 'O Melville'. Find out more about the book here.

Olga Neuwirth, photo by Marion Kalter

Snape Maltings Concert Hall

Suffolk IP17 1SP