Virtual CineClub: Movements of a Nearby Mountain

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Virtual CineClub: Movements of a Nearby Mountain

  • Tue 28 Apr 2020
  • 6:00PM

In his third feature, Sebastian Brameshuber purposefully recycles some images from Of Stains, Scrap and Tires (2014), a 16mm short filmed for his 2019 produced documentary Movements of a Nearby Mountain.

In a remote industrial site in the Austrian alps, the self-taught mechanic, Cliff is running his own business  exporting cars to his native Nigera. His daily activities at the industrial site aren’t just limited to work. The viewer will also find him cooking his dinner there, hanging his laundry and other day to day activities.

Carefully distanced and focused, Movements of a Nearby Mountain describes what Cliff ‘s work entails and what it produces in connection to bodies and objects. More than merely documenting his skills, the film weaves together the visible with the invisible and the myths and histories surrounding and pervading the material world.

Austria/France, 2019, 85 min, directed by Sebastian Brameshuber

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