Making A Living

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Making A Living – Artistic survival in 2009

  • Sat 26 Sep 2009
  • 2:00PM

As a follow-up to her FUNding FACTORY project in May 2009 in Vienna, Sophie Hope will host an afternoon workshop at the ACF bringing together different approaches to sustaining critical art practices during the recession and beyond. Attendees to the event will be asked to decide how to spend the £500 contributed to the event by the ACF London. Making a Living aims to highlight and discuss diverse ideologies underlying how we support and sustain so-called critical art practices. Participants will investigate and invent a range of economic and conceptual models of artistic survival that move beyond the knee-jerk reaction to become ‘culturepreneurs’ in the creative industries. Rather than presume artists should be aiming to make a living through art, they will ask themselves what are the side-effects of such a career path, what are the alternatives and how they might negotiate the cultural production line they inevitably are a part of?

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