Kratzungen (Scratchings): To express more than the camera can expose

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Kratzungen (Scratchings): To express more than the camera can expose

  • 3 Nov 2011 — 20 Jan 2012

*PRIVATE VIEW Thursday 17 November 7-9pm

Marko Lipuš is not a historian of photography. He defines photography as a creative act that is essential and exceptionally straightforward without any diversions and deviations. In his opinion “The image alone shall communicate, stir and address”. Lipuš wants to express more than the camera is capable of recapturing. The photography has been taken over by technical standards and by cultural expectations. As a result, the world of images appears to be in a haze. But sometimes it is possible to see the world as a newborn does who, according to scientists, sees the world brighter, sharper.

Gert Jonke

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