Joe Watling & Roswitha Weingrill

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Joe Watling & Roswitha Weingrill

  • 24 May 2011 — 8 Jul 2011

Exhibition continues until Friday 8 July 2011.

The second duo show from the Visual Arts Platform, where Austrian artists are brought together with emerging UK artists, presents Joe Watling (who lives and works in London) and Roswitha Weingrill (who lives and works in Vienna).

Invited by the Visual Arts Platform to collaborate on an exhibition, Joe Watling (UK) and Roswitha Weingrill (Austria) entered into a process of re-interpreting each others work, a mutual exchange, which has initially led to the creation of the image on this invite.

The analysis and altering of everyday form and structure is an approach common to the practices of both artists, notions of structure and surface are upturned to reveal and conceal. While Watling executes his architectural interventions by constructing false surfaces, Weingrill uses the flat surface itself, drawing to create strange and hybrid objects, resembling technical drafts for utopian machines.

With a strong affiliation to the materials they use, their possibilities and limitations operate for both as boundary. Watling works with stock materials found in general construction practice, appropriating them as a sculptural medium whilst Weingrill utilizes the various shades of standard checked paper and consumer neon pens.

Negotiating the concepts of collaboration, authorship and interpretation Watling and Weingrill have produced the show ‘In view of…’. With an analytical and intuitive approach they have responded to each others work and the conditions of its production and display.


born 1979, lives and works London, Watling holds a fascination for the existential physicality of our everyday environment; the constructions that surround us. Redefining common spaces he locates the solid in a perceptible state of flux.


born 1984 in Graz, Austria, lives and works in Vienna, studied art and communication at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Her work includes activist participatory projects, while her main focus is on drawing and drafts and their possibilities and limitations.


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