Jazzexchange: Trio Dsilton (Georg Vogel) feat. Perks & Woods Xenharmonia

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Jazzexchange: Trio Dsilton (Georg Vogel) feat. Perks & Woods Xenharmonia

  • Mon 12 Jun 2023
  • 7:30PM

We are pleased to welcome the highly talented Austrian Trio DSILTON to this year's edition of the popular concert-series 'Jazzexchange'. The trio, consisting of Georg Vogel, David Dornig and Valentin Duit, will perform a set of original music, focusing on 31-tone compositions, written for custom made instruments.

Those instruments feature 31-tone split sharps keyboards, a 31-tone guitar and drums dividing octaves into 31 tones, therefore emphasizing a plethora of microtonalities.

They will be joined by the London based duo Xenharmonia, consisting of Rich Perks and Julian Woods, who explore fresh sonic territory through the use of microtones by combining fretlessness with quarter-tone and other fixed-fret guitar configurations.

Trio DSILTON are currently playing a vast amount of shows in Austria and we are excited to welcome the musicians at The Vortex, London's hub for cutting edge music.

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Doors Open: 7:30PM
Music: 8:00PM

The participating artists are:

Georg Vogel (Clavitone / Clavitones / Glaveddoone)
David Dornig (31-Ton Gitarre / 31-tone guitar / 31-Ddoon Giddaa)
Valentin Duit (Schlagzeug / drumset / Dsaegl)


Rich Perks
Julian Woods

'Jazzexchange' is a series of concerts, initiated by the ACF London and curated by the two Austrian born and London based musicians Aram Zarikian and Guido Spannocchi. The project aims to connect cutting edge bands from Austria and link them up with the UK scene.


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