Hommage à Atsuko Tanaka

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Hommage à Atsuko Tanaka

  • Thu 14 Apr 2011
  • 6:30PM

Hommage à Atsuko Tanaka is a talk by art historian and independent curator Silvia Eiblmayr (Vienna) on the work of the seminal Japanese artist Atsuko Tanaka (1932–2005). The presentation with discussion traces Tanaka’s personality and life as one of the most influential artists of the avant-garde group Gutai Art Association. Hommage à Atsuko Tanaka particularly focuses on the subject of a conceptual, space-related, performative notion of painting based on the inclusion of everyday materials, and further traces the multifaceted gaze, clothing and the stage, embedded in the artist’s work.

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'Work' by Atsuko Tanaka


96 Teesdale Street,
London E2 6PU