Foreign Tongues - Freedom Festival Hull 2019

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Foreign Tongues - Freedom Festival Hull 2019

  • 31 Aug 2019 — 1 Sep 2019

Foreign Tongues is a unique dance performance. Words are translated through movement as performers interweave the city’s soundscape with the echoes of distant or neighbouring languages.

Interpreted through dance, voice recordings from different regions in Europe become the soundscape for this extraordinary dance piece. Listen and watch as the sound of cities become a spoken-word symphony, expanding with each new location.

Internationally-acclaimed performance company Liquid Loft use the collision of languages and communicative contradictions as a means of creation. They demonstrate, among other things, how much is already understood, even at a point where you think you haven’t understood anything yet.

Their performance can be seen at the Freedom Festival Hull

Sat 31 Aug, 13:30

Sat 31 Aug, 16:00

Sun 1 Sep, 13:00

Location: Stage @ The Dock

Click here for more information about the dance company.

Liquid Loft Dance Group

Freedom Festival Hull
47 Queen St
Hull HU1 1UU