Evening Concert: Counterworlds - A Portrait of Ludwig Gruber and Arnold Schönberg

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Evening Concert: Counterworlds - A Portrait of Ludwig Gruber and Arnold Schönberg

  • Wed 3 Jul 2024
  • 7:00PM

We are delighted to welcome the three esteemed Austrian musicians Agnes Palmisano, Andreas Teufel and Daniel Fuchsberger to London, presenting their brand new programme "Counterworlds: A Portrait of Ludwig Gruber and Arnold Schönberg".

Agnes Palmisano, master of the 'Dudler' technique, a special Viennese version of yodelling, will lead through this musical journey with her captivating voice and insightful narration. Accompanied by Andreas Teufel on piano and “Schrammel” accordion and Daniel Fuchsberger on contraguitar, they will delve into the lives and works of Gruber and Schönberg, shedding light on the contrasts and intersections of their musical legacies.

In 2024, we commemorate the 150th birthdays of two Viennese composers whose lives and works represent contrasting musical landscapes. Ludwig Gruber, rooted in Vienna's folk music tradition with Arnold Schönberg, a pioneering force in modern music, offers intriguing insights into Vienna's diverse musical heritage. Born on the 13th of July and 13th of September 1874 in Vienna, Ludwig Gruber and Arnold Schönberg emerged from different backgrounds: Gruber in Ottakring, the centre of Viennese folk music, and Schönberg in Leopoldstadt, the heart of Jewish life.

While Gruber received early musical nurturing and composed “Wienerlieder”, a song genre deeply engrained in Vienna's cultural life, Schönberg departed from traditional tonal conventions early on, laying the groundwork for the twelve-tone technique.

Their lives took divergent paths during and after World War I, with Gruber enduring a Siberian detention camp and Schönberg founding the "Verein für Privataufführungen" (Association for private performances) post-war to promote modern music.

Both composers have left an indelible mark on Viennese music, in their specific ways.

The “Wienerlied” is an Austrian song genre which has its roots in Vienna. Traditional Viennese songs, known as Wienerlieder are centred on the theme of life in Vienna and are almost exclusively sung in Viennese (a local Austro-Bavarian dialect). It is a unique musical and socio-cultural phenomenon, a picture of the Viennese way of life.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the worlds of Ludwig Gruber and Arnold Schönberg as we celebrate their enduring impact on music and culture.


Ludwig Gruber and Arnold Schönberg

Agnes Palmisano – hailed by the press as the "icon of Viennese song" and "queen of Viennese Dudler", puts her three-octave voice at the service of interpreting Viennese song treasures: from old traditional to self-composed Viennese songs, dudler, couplets, cabaret chansons, and classical song compositions. With effortless stylistic assurance, she navigates through various genres, her voice resonating with all shades and facets, reaching dizzying heights and somber depths, equally captivating through beauty and expressiveness.
From a young vocal student aiming to revive the "Wiener Dudler", Agnes Palmisano has evolved into a musician who knows and masterfully interprets songs for every occasion. She willingly imparts her experiences and knowledge, not only to her audience but also to students at the Music and Arts University of the city of Vienna (MUK) and those studying Viennese song art.

Andreas Teufel is a concert pianist trained at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz and currently works as a répétiteur at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. His scholarly curiosity not only earned him a doctorate in mechanical engineering but also led him to explore Viennese traditional instruments such as the “Schrammel” accordion, which he initially approached theoretically in his thesis. Eventually, he taught himself to play the instrument and is now a member of several Viennese ensembles, including the Agnes Palmisano Trio.

Daniel Fuchsberger comes from the "Koppler Musikerdynastie" Fuchsberger. His interest in applied folk music led him, after studying percussion, jazz composition, and marimba in Graz, inevitably to the contraguitar. He is primarily known as a composer and musician in ensembles such as the Agnes Palmisano Trio, Spafudla, and Crossfiedler.

Palmisano Trio

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