EUROPE: Drawing the Line. Physical and imaginary borders.

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EUROPE: Drawing the Line. Physical and imaginary borders. – 2017 – 2018 Call Out

  • 7 Jul 2016 — 26 Aug 2016

Currently the EU countries are battling internally about how best to deal with the resettling of those in search of asylum and are failing to agree how to adequately meet the needs of refugees who are fleeing war and persecution. As hundreds of thousands of refugees continue to mobilise using whatever means they have, no matter how dangerous, some European countries are reacting to their perceived threat to their sovereignty by physically sealing their borders. Both physical and imagined walls are being built across the continent with the core values of the ‘Union’ fading.

The BE FESTIVAL visual arts programme gives UK and Europe-based visual artists the chance to create and exhibit new work at the festival. It is organised as a two-year cycle exploring a particular theme connected to some of the world’s most pertinent philosophical and political issues.

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