English Haydn Festival 2024

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English Haydn Festival 2024

  • 12 Jun 2024 — 15 Jun 2024

The 30th English Haydn Festival is set to take place in June in the beautiful market town of Bridgnorth. The Festival offers a fascinating array of the music of Joseph Haydn and his contemporaries, performed in St Mary’s Church, built by the great 18th century engineer Thomas Telford in 1792, set next to the spectacular remains of the Castle and overlooking the river Severn. The theme this year celebrates Haydn’s skill in all spheres of musical composition and his influence on other composers of the Classical era.

This year’s Festival once again features the English Haydn Orchestra performing on period instruments, led by the virtuoso violinist Simon Standage and conducted by the distinguished director Steven Devine. Their performances of six of Haydn’s 104 symphonies, together with works by classical period composers Mozart, Schubert, Weber and J C Bach, take us on a voyage based on this year’s theme - ‘Homage to Haydn: a Magical Musical Journey’.

The 30th anniversary Festival includes the renown violinist Jennifer Pike along with members of the orchestra who are eminent soloists in their own right and we are delighted to showcase performances by Mark Baigent (oboe), Robert Percival (bassoon), Emily Worthington (clarinet), Pavel Serbin and George Ross (violoncello) during the Festival week. In addition to the full evening orchestral concerts, we have an eclectic mix of chamber groups playing at lunchtimes and at the Thursday evening concert.

The dynamic English Haydn Trio, the ever popular Revolutionary Wind Machine, the prestigious Salomon Quartet and the delightful Consone String Quartet (who also link up with other musicians for a performance of Schubert’s Octet on the Friday lunchtime) all help us to continue our musical journey and provide further proof that Joseph Haydn was a truly inspirational composer whose legacy has lived on across the centuries.

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