Delicacy Revisited

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Delicacy Revisited

  • 19 Sep 2015 — 27 Sep 2015

Marion Friedmann Gallery presents Delicacy Revisited! Expect spectacular pieces referring to a sense of DELICACY as found in exquisiteness, fragility, sensitivity & thickness, works of surprise and unexpectedness, some of which will even vanish in time. Four artists challenge our perception of value and encourage us to rethink our codes of standard and esteem: Noemi KISS (Vienna), Gisela STIEGLER (Vienna), Thierry JEANNOT (México City) and Gala FERNANDEZ (México City) all use delicate materials in their works.

Trained as an architect and philosopher, NOEMI KISS (Vienna) is obsessed with materials and their conditions. For DELICACY she re-incarnates abandoned, worn-out rugs to alter them into new surprising forms.

THIERRY JEANNOT (México City) presents new wall lights. He transmutes waste into noble objects, marrying re-purposed PET plastic with handcrafted cast bronze. Jeannot orients his work towards paradox and contrast and transforms what might be seen as a plague, into sophisticated designs.

GISELA STIEGLER (Vienna) delicately carves polystyrene. Fishboxes from Viennese markets become elegant lamps achieving with their lightness, a fascinating monumentality and her acclaimed sculptures seem like otherwordly, ethereal wall sculptures.

GALA FERNANDEZ (México City) works with the fragile material of glass which – in an exquisite and skilled process – is blown into re-purposed Mexican birdcages that serve as the moulds for the liquid glass.
DELICACY´s works challenge our perception of the value of materials and encourage us to rethink our vision of codes, standards and esteem. Freshness and decay can touch us alike.

MARION FRIEDMANN has been working within the design discipline for twenty years as researcher, collector, consultant and curator and in 2011 founded the gallery. Find out more about the gallery here.

Noemi Kiss, 'Spinnen'

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