Cultures at War: Austria–Hungary 1914 – 1918

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Cultures at War: Austria–Hungary 1914 – 1918

  • 13 Apr 2011 — 15 Apr 2011

The aim of this conference is to foster new research on the culture of Austria-Hungary – its production, dissemination, consumption and reception – during the First World War. Although the Habsburg authorities did not attempt to direct a concerted war effort on the home front, contemporary commentators nevertheless spoke of ‘cultural mobilisation’. The conference papers will investigate the realities that lay behind this convenient phrase. What were the effects of the hostilities on literature, theatre, music and fine art? How did the avant-garde groups that dominated Austria’s literary and cultural elite react to the war? Were the boundaries between elite and popular culture renegotiated? What impact did the war have on the already critical relations between the Monarchy’s cultural centres and national groupings?

There will also be two evening events, one featuring a range of film excerpts from both the front and the home front, the other featuring music of the First World War. A provisional programme can be found at

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