Cine Concert: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

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Cine Concert: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari

  • Sat 28 Jan 2023
  • 6:30PM

Part of CineClub's Carl Mayer Retrospective

One of the most iconic films of the silent area and the quintessential work of German Expressionist Cinema, Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari was not only labeled „the first true horror film“ but can also be considered to be one of cinema's earliest art house films. There is no doubt that its unique style influenced and aided the perception of cinema and established it as an art form in its own right.

This Cine Concert at Ciné Lumière launches the ACFs mini-season on the work of Carl Mayer, an unsung hero of the film history who was born in 1894 in Graz/Austria and died 1944 in London. See the full programme below.

Exclusively a screenwriter, he never composed a single volume of prose or poetry, Mayer's individual stamp on the films he worked on, is maybe as profound as the mark the directors left on them. Mayer's extensive body of work includes further masterpieces such as SUNRISE : A SONG OF TWO HUMANS and THE LAST LAUGH.

The screening and season will be introduced by film historians Brigitte Mayr and Michael Omasta of Synema.

Germany 1920, approx 74 minutes, with Werner Krauss and Conrad Veidt
Directed by Robert Wiene & written by Carl Mayer and Hans Janowitz
A film from the holdings of the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung ( in Wiesbaden

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Full Programme:

Tuesday 31 January, 7pm, ACF London
Featuring an introduction by film historians Brigitte Mayr and Michael Omasta of Synema.

Wednesday 15 February, 7pm, ACF London

Tuesday 28 February, 7pm, ACF London


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