Celebrating Richard Tauber

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Celebrating Richard Tauber

  • Thu 19 May 2011
  • 7:00PM

Next to Enrico Caruso, Austrian opera singer Richard Tauber (1891–1948) is still revered as one of the world’s finest Mozartian tenors, even in the early 21st centry. Tauber was not only one of the most intriguing opera-singers, but also the most desirable voice of operetta during his lifetime. Even after his untimely death he continued to be one of the most influential singers of the
20th century.

In a special lecture Evelyn Steinthaler presents her new biography on Richard Tauber and, with musical examples, will give an insight into Richard Tauber’s life and career focusing on his years in England: From his first engagements in the West End and his raving success as leading film star to his triumphant work as conductor with the London Philharmonic Orchestra during World War II. Steinthaler will touch upon his private life and marriage to the English actress Diana Napier, examine his role in the British public as one of the most famous Austrian refugees after the ‘Anschluss’ in March 1938 and discuss how the German propaganda machinery used Tauber, the former ‘King of Berlin’ for their atrocious aims. She will conclude the evening by talking about Tauber’s last appearance at the Royal Opera Covent Garden, only months before his death in 1948.

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