The Birth of Cinema…and Beyond

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The Birth of Cinema…and Beyond

  • 3 Jul 2013 — 21 Sep 2013

rosenfeld porcini presents The Birth of Cinema…and Beyond a themed exhibition presenting mixed- media work by old master and contemporary artists including Austrian painter Robert Muntean.

The exhibition will explore the way in which an idea of a virtual cinema existed in people’s imaginations before the invention of the medium itself. Old master and contemporary works will be juxtaposed in an attempt to explore how narrative approaches have altered with the change in societies and further reveal in a non-definitive way how cinema has been a creative stimulus for many artists’ practices. This will be the third in the gallery’s series of themed exhibitions and will bring together six contemporary artists including AÌda Rubio Gonzalez, Gideon Kiefer, Cesare Lucchini, Robert Muntean, Lanfranco Quadrio and Fatma Bucak alongside seven Old Master painters; Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione (called “il Grechetto”), Dirck Hendricksz (called “Teodoro D`Errico”), Ferraù Fenzoni, Giovanni Lanfranco, Andrea Micheli (called “Il Vicentino”) Johann Heinrich Schönfeld and Francesco Solimena.

Robert Muntean was born 1982 in Leoben, Austria. His paintings are generated out of the tension between objectivitiy and abstraction, between immediacy and process. The central and pivotal point of his painting is the figure, though it consistently eludes the expectations of figurative painting; Muntean's figures baulk at absorption under the concepts of representation or a superordinate narrative.

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