Anna Barfuss: This could be in focus!

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Anna Barfuss: This could be in focus!

  • Tue 23 May 2017
  • 7:00PM

The performative reading will draw on experiences of establishing contacts with a German accent and observations from a temporary resident’s perspective in the capital city of capitalism.

 A bus ride through the city passing areas and sites that are informed by a past that continues to impact on the present - Thatcherism, New Labour - refer to Stuart Hall’s analysis of „the complex contours of significant political moments to get a sense of what was shaping them.“  This leads to examinations of the rhetorical phrase of ‚new times’ and similar wordings, which were employed to sell the concept of austerity, which can also be seen in the context of the upcoming elections.  

Theresa May’s parliamentary debate following the sudden announcement of general elections displayed unveiled, privileged positions. This inspires the tracing of the confined and protected spaces of privilege that lead back to a colonial past but at the same time are involved in the perpetual reproduction of class. From here a comparison to the Austrian situation of mainstreaming political right-wing positions can be drawn.  

The evening will also feature a screening of two of the artist’s videos:  

“Lost on Tangente” (2015): The Tangente, a highway in Vienna that only touches the outer line of the city is the setting for a critical moment between two people. Following the course of their communication spatially as they attempt to navigate, “getting lost” in the industrial zone and “lost in translation” with each other.  

„Das dunkelste Tal“ (2016/17) deals with the cultural narratives that blanket the Austrian landscape and these narratives’ use and appropriation by Austria’s political far right wing, recalling claustrophobic childhood memories. 

Anna Barfuss works predominantly with moving images and text. In her works she questions (the process of how images are constructed / image-making) and the political and aesthetic terms and conditions of images as well as current forms (ways, examples) of image production, where her work critically intervenes. She is currently taking part in a 3 month residency at the BKA’s (Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture) atelier.

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