All I Know Is What’s On The Internet

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All I Know Is What’s On The Internet

  • 26 Oct 2018 — 24 Feb 2019

All I Know Is What’s On The Internet is a new exhibition from The Photographers’ Gallery that presents the work of 11 contemporary artists and groups seeking to map, visualise and question the cultural dynamics of 21st Century image culture.  Importantly, it investigates the systems through which today’s photographic images multiply online and asks what new forms of value, knowledge, meaning and labour arise from this endless (re)circulation of content.  

Traditionally, photography has played a central role in documenting the world and helping us understand our place within it.  However, in a social media age, the problem of understanding an individual photograph is being overwhelmed by the industrial challenge of processing millions of images within a frantically accelerated timeframe.   Visual knowledge and authenticity are now inextricably linked to a ‘like’ economy, subject to the (largely invisible) actions of bots, crowd-sourced workers, Western tech companies and ‘intelligent’ machines. 

Among the invited artists are Austrians Stephanie Kneissl and Max Lackner who will present their Social Media Algorithm Machines for the first time in London.

All I Know Is What’s On The Internet presents a radical exploration of photography when the boundaries between truth and fiction, machine and human are being increasingly called into question.

Participating Artists: Mari BastashevskiConstant DullaartIOCOSEStephanie Kneissl & Max LacknerEva & Franco MattesSilvio Lorusso & Sebastian SchmiegWinnie SoonEmilio VavarellaStéphane Degoutin & Gwenola WagonAndrew Norman WilsonMiao Ying


Social Media Algorithm Machines © Stephanie Kneissl and Max Lackner, 2017

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