Willi Dorner: Bodies in Urban Spaces

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Willi Dorner: Bodies in Urban Spaces – At Adain Avion

  • 29 Jun 2012 — 30 Jun 2012

Adain Avion, a spectacular wingless aeroplane transformed into a mobile arts space will migrate across Wales this summer for the London 2012 Festival!

Renowned Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner presents the Weslh premier of his acclaimed work Bodies in Urban Spaces as part of the project on Friday 29 June, 12:30pm & Saturday 30 June, 4pm in Swansea.

Professional Welsh dancers perform with local free runners, gymnasts, climbers and martial artists for the Welsh premiere of this world-renowned work by Austrian artist Willi Dorner. Also part of Taliesin’s Dance Day festival, Bodies in Urban Spaces is a performing trail which leads through unseen and re-discovered spaces, encouraging audiences to reflect on their urban surroundings.  As bodies are temporarily squeezed, arranged, balanced and rearranged along the route, the rules and restrictions of our urban environment are explored and perceived in a unique way – on the run.

Find out more about the project here.



Bodies in Urban Spaces, Vienna

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