Thomas Albdorf at Belfast Photo Festival

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Thomas Albdorf at Belfast Photo Festival

  • 2 Jun 2022 — 23 Jul 2022

The ACF London is pleased to support a selection of three bodies of work by Vienna-based conceptual artist Thomas Albdorf at Belfast Photo Festival.

Presented by Belfast Exposed, in partnership with Belfast Photo Festival, the exhibition is the first to highlight one of Europe’s most exciting and experimental artists, Thomas Albdorf’s work sits at the intersection of photography and sculpture.

The narratives behind the works are like shifting perceptions, and a decontextualisation caused by internet interference. He conceives photography as a chain of decisions that range from the objects or subject’s staging to post-processing and a potentially final print, creating a space of possibilities and probabilities, primarily enabled via digital post-production.

Albdorf combines classic photographic genres with contemporary visual techniques. His landscapes and still-lifes are boldly aesthetic, but his use of the photographic medium is highly conceptual. Using both analogue and digital techniques, Albdorf constructs fictional realities from photographs of persistent visual clichés found online. Albdorf typically submits his constructions to image recognition software to see if the program could be tricked into identifying his fictions as ‘real’.

Thomas Albdorf — Belfast Photo Festival