Plant B

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Plant B – at Be Festival

  • Fri 5 Jul 2013

A flower performance

The relationship between two women unfolds in an utterly dramatic, serious and tragic way. Unexpected and all of a sudden. Let those tears flow… ;-)

Concept, director, choreography: Ilona Roth
Choreography and dance: Anna Majder, Marina Mazaraki
Music: Manuel Mitterhuber and Bernhard Höchtel (Fotos by: Fivos Salahas)

Transitheart Productions was created in 2003 by Ilona Roth and stands for an expressive, experimental and authentic approach to the field of the performing fine arts.

Background of the play: as an exklave of the play „The Hype“ (full length contemporary dance performance for 4 dancers), which premiered 29.2.2012 in Linz, “Plant B“ spars with dancing and acting material at a communicative level. Based on the same material as its base play, the character of this performance however is more humorous and discursive and could be rated as persiflage of “The Hype” – but it proves to be much more. Plant B’s concept is new to such an extent, that the performance is easily able to claim its own place and character. The plot revolves around day-to-day motions, culture of everyday life and a compositional experiment with daily manoeuvres which are extracted from their environment and then assembled to a new lot. As the speed of this performance is quite high, with all movements acted in a speed-mode, the audience will be captivated by its dense atmosphere.

The dancers: Anna Majder is a freelance dancer and has been working diverse projects in Austria until 2012. She now is a member of the Warsaw Dance Theatre’s company and teaches classes for the national circus school in Warsaw.

The piece will be performed at this year's BE Festival in Birmingham

copyright Fivos Salahas