Lucky Trimmer Does Wales

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Lucky Trimmer Does Wales

  • Sat 16 Jul 2016

LUCKY TRIMMER, the beloved Berlin festival for short pieces, is coming to Wales! By gathering seven of its most cheered and whooped artists and their “cream of the crop” 10 minute performances, the unique program LUCKY TRIMMER DOES WALES! promises breathtaking diversity with its unconventional approach - this time featuring a special selection of international bite-sized treats seasoned with a light pinch of entertainment and a generous dose of challenging artistic awesomeness. What you can expect: A solo re-incarnation of a Strauss waltz, memories of Twin Peaks, a very lively foot, an atypical walk through the streets of Berlin, indispensable household tips, nostalgic images and short but yet poignant narratives - multiple journeys take place, take us with them and leave us with seven different recollections to hold onto. This waterfall of award- winning pieces and UK premieres is a celebration of dance for loving fans and fearless souls.

1 NIGHT ONLY! 16 July 2016, 19:30
Dance House, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

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Part of Lucky Trimmer Festival is Austrian dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and founder of the art association UMFUG Dagmar Dachauer, with her piece "Wie soll ich das erklären".

The Viennese waltz from Johann Strauss is, to a great extent, well known. In her piece "Wie soll ich das erklären", Dagmar winks playfully at her own Austria origins and investigates the historic epoch of the origins of the Viennese waltz during the old Empire (1814/1815). Through her body and there - with gained knowledge, a critical yet humorous reflection of national pride and of Austria’s careless years is revealed. "Wie soll ich das erklären" is an excerpt of the evening length piece "Wunderbare Jahre."


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Dance House, Wales Millennium Centre


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