Lisa Hinterreithner & Jack Hauser: The Call of Things

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Lisa Hinterreithner & Jack Hauser: The Call of Things

  • Wed 4 Feb 2015
  • 7:00PM

Austrian performance artists Lisa Hinterreithner and Jack Hauser explore the performativity of things in this unique collaboration. The Call of Things is part of a series of performances created in different venues such as galleries, backstage areas, a kitchen and now the ACF London.

The performance brings together heterogeneous elements such as people, objects and organic materials. The materials and objects act and interact with the performers, at times collaborative, at times disruptive.

Hinterreithner and Hauser are actively exploring and developing a new performance model they refer to as the human-nonhuman working group. They have spent a week at the ACF engaging with objects and materials. In this performance the duo will explore the entire building leading the audience through various rooms of the ACF.

While 'hanging around' with, and interacting with the objects and materials, these 'things' begin to reveal themselves and become independent actors 'The Call of Things'. These groups of objects, human and nonhuman, establish themselves affecting each other. Throughout this process the human actors do not become objects or things, but perhaps they manifest aspects of 'thingness'?

The artist and researcher Zoe Laughlin of the Institute of Making (UCL London) will join the performance with an entertaining lecture.

The project is supported by Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg und Bundeskanzleramt Österreich.

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