Editta Braun Company: planet LUVOS

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Editta Braun Company: planet LUVOS

  • Sat 8 Feb 2014

Salzburg choreographer Editta Braun leads the audience through a blue underwater world back to the origins of life in her new piece planet LUVOS

In a bubbling, blue underwater environment, the distant hoot of a steamship whistle somewhere far away is the only sign that humans may still exist. One woman, perhaps the last woman on earth, discovers an eerie world of strange, intriguing beings and begins to explore this brave new world…

PLANET LUVOS is the new companion piece to LUVOS - presented with great success at manipulate in 2012 - which created a hellish vision of genetic modifications run riot and wreaking havoc with humanity.

In PLANET LUVOS new evolutions and balances between the concepts and demands of individual and group are explored, as dream and reality, and vision and real time, meet in a compelling piece of visual and physical dance theatre.

Since its founding in 1989 the Editta Braun Company has presented its innovative work with great success around the world. This manipulate performance is the UK premiere of PLANET LUVOS.


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