Draw to Perform 4

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Draw to Perform 4 – Live Performance "following"

  • Wed 1 Mar 2017

Austrian artist and performer Jasmin Schaitl has been invited to present a new durational performance entitled following at the 4th International Symposium for Drawing Performance "Draw to Perform 4", at Fabrica, Brighton.

Jasmin Schaitl is an artist and performer with a visual arts background. Her work incorporates performace, video, photography, installation and focuses primarily on time, both actual and perceived, and the presence or absence of the body.

In her performance following she examines and works with the material thread, in relation to abstract and minimal choreographic movements, responding to space and time. Jasmin Schaitls work consists of abstract, and minimal performances, which allow the performer, as well as the audience, a sharpening of focus to reveal subtle details of each action and its consequences. One of her interests, is to let the public witness time, especially duration. This might offer a space for simply being and observing, which in our society is often undervalued. The continuous focus on just one material and one action opens up a possibility of feeling the presence/the moment in a non-daily life pace.


Jasmin Schaitl, foto © Claudia Popovici


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