Visual Arts & Design

Only Human

Only Human. Believing the Strangest Things, Loving the Alien

11 May – 28 July 2017 | Austrian Cultural Forum London
Showcasing alien artefacts, Only Human provides new evidence that we're not alone! A collaboration of Austrian and British artists and researchers presents extraterrestrial sounds, images, words and objects with a programme of discursive events ...
Traces with Julia Schuster

Traces with Julia Schuster

22 June – 6 July 2017
Our lives are the sum of millions of moments colliding to make up the past, present and the future. But what traces do these moments leave behind and how do they impact the people we ...
Mostyn OPEN featuring Gernot Wieland

Mostyn OPEN featuring Gernot Wieland

8 July – 5 November 2017
To celebrate their 20th anniversary Mostyn, one of Wale’s leading contemporary art spaces, hosts an exhibition of artists from around the world. Austrian media artist Gernot Wieland presents Thievery and Songs, an exceptionally beautiful tragicomic ...

Johanna Magdalena Guggenberger:. this is (not) the time to (get up) and walk away

1 August – 28 September 2017 | Belmacz
Austrian artist Johanna Magdalena Guggenberger’s first UK solo exhibition will draw on her practise of traveling, in this case to Karachi. Her work explores migration between high and low culture, western and eastern perception
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