Anna Vasof at Flatpack Festival

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Anna Vasof at Flatpack Festival

  • 19 Apr 2018 — 22 Apr 2018
Anna Vasof at Flatpack Festival
Anna Vasof at Flatpack Festival

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82 Floodgate St
Birmingham B5 5SR

Austria based media artist Anna Vasof has been invited by Birmingham’s Flatpack Festival to present her installation Self-Portrait, give a talk and run a stop-motion workshop as part of the family programme.

Anna is a media artist whose videos and short films have been featured at numerous festivals around the world.

An ode to early cinema techniques, this beautiful, hand-crafted invention is based on the essential idea of persistence of vision and time-based art. Made from simple everyday objects including a metal bucket, a lamp, rope and some paper cups, visitors will have the opportunity to set the lamp in motion, transforming the piece into an audio-visual instrument, animating and projecting a ghostly figure onto the wall.